Julie, Creative Director and co-owner of Uptic Studios brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her newest venture - Uptic CURATED. Founded by her passion to create intentional spaces that inspire the human experience, Julie started Uptic CURATED to offer procurement and styling services to residential and commercial projects throughout Spokane and beyond.

Before leading the interior design team at Uptic Studios, Julie's background includes honing her eye for space and composition as a publication and lifestyle photographer and set designer in both Savannah, Georgia, and Spokane. This broad experience has fostered Julie's dedicated passion for creating spaces that resonate with her clients and maintain a timeless and thoughtful design sensibility.

Julie's approach to design focuses on the importance of sourcing the right materials, finishes, and furnishings to elevate a space's atmosphere and instill it with a particular emotive aesthetic while connecting it to architecture and design. Her expertise in procurement and styling is a key factor in the success of her designs. To this end, she is excited to work alongside CURATED Director, Joanna Gott, to select furniture, textiles, art, décor, and more for clients who are looking to foster a deeper connection within the built environment.

Julie's leadership at Uptic CURATED is driven by the necessity to create intentional spaces that inspire her clients, bringing together the best elements of style, quality, and purpose. As a leader, one of Julie’s favorite aspects of her job is working alongside such a talented and creative team, who never fail to inspire her with their unique ideas and perspectives. This two-way relationship she shares with her team ties them together, allowing Julie and her team to create exceptional work that they all can be proud of.

CURATED Principal


Joanna is an exceptional leader, whose expertise in procurement, visual styling, design, and merchandising is simply unparalleled. As the Director at CURATED, Joanna oversees the seamless operations, logistics, styling, and coordination of all projects, making sure that every detail is executed to perfection. Working hand-in-hand with the CURATED Founder and Creative Director, Julie Collins, Joanna approaches each project with professionalism, expertise, positivity, and creativity. With a passion for curating spaces – Joanna is dedicated to helping guide clients through the process of furnishing and styling their homes.

Hailing from the picturesque region of Western Washington, Joanna's creative flair was sparked at a young age, inspiring her to pursue a degree in Fashion Design. After graduating, Joanna made her mark in the industry by joining Tommy Bahama, where she honed her skills in textiles, pattern making, and design. With a passion for design and a natural talent for creating stunning spaces, Joanna went on to work for Anthropologie and Nordstrom before moving to the heart of Texas to work for the Magnolia as their Head of Visual Merchandising. After an incredible 7 years of living in the south, Joanna felt the pull to return home to the Pacific Northwest, and she couldn't be more thrilled to be bringing her years of expertise to the Spokane region and to work alongside her new Uptic family.

CURATED Director